Eien is a five- piece metal band from Athens that came together towards the end of 2008 and has already released 3 albums and an EP.

Their main influence is the modern heavy sound of the past few decades as developed by both sides of the Atlantic.

Melodic vocal lines meet with aggressive vocals that spit out razor- sharp, denunciatory lyrics, a groovy rhythm section, intricate riffs and dynamic drumming, creating the rather layered soundscape that is EIEN's music.

In the beginning of 2009, their first album ‘Vacant Expressions’ introduces the band to Greek audiences. Two years later, through the release of ‘Closure’, EIEN’s presence in the local metal scene becomes truly felt through reviews in the Greed and international press. A series of gigs to promote the album completes the band’s second phase with promises of a successful future.

In 2013, EIEN record their EP ‘The Sickening’ at Artracks Studios, mixed and mastered by none other than Fredrik Nordstrom of the legendary Fredman Studios. The EP was released at the start of 2014 receiving great reviews and a coveted place as the Greek Metal Hammer’s suggestion of the month which described it as ‘Sing Along Heavy Metal Anthems’ giving the band the chance to present their work in Athens, Thessaloniki and various other cities.

Not long after, the band decided to take a break for personal reasons. This however, far from being the end, turned out to be the chance for a new beginning!

With a new line-up and an exceptional team of associates and friends, the band began to record new material leading to the creation of their latest album ‘In this Game’ in 2019. Recordings took place at U217 & Encore Studios, produced by Vlassis Ketsilis and mastered by Steve Lado. The album features guest appearances by Chrysa Tsaltampasi (vocals) and Nikos Panagiotopoulos (bass) and a killer artwork by Manthos Stergiou (MansterDesign).

More determined than ever, EIEN is here and they have a serious point to prove:

EIEN band | Line-up photo


2019         IN THIS GAME

Self Release

2014         THE SICKENING

Self Release

2011          CLOSURE

Self Release


Self Release